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Ships and Sailors Family Card Game for 2-6 Players, Trick-Taking

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Ships and Sailors Card Game

A brand new and customized trick-taking card game for 2-6 players. The perfect gift to add hours of fun to your family game night! Each deck includes 60 poker-sized cards and instructions for game play.

Ships and Sailors is an easy to learn card game that is fun for ages 7 and up. The game can be played with 2-6 players and can be played with partners or as individuals. Game play is easy and it is very similar to a trick taking card game. Ships and Sailors is played with a custom 60-card deck. There are four different colors of cards in the deck and the card values range from 1-15 in value. However, there are no 3’s or 8’s in the deck. Instead there are special photo cards - Ships and Sailors. Winning the game will take strategy as players can team up with the other players and ultimately use them to their own advantage. While Ships and Sailors can be played as a team game, there is only one individual winner. In this game, the game is over by making someone gain over 200 points or by being the first to reach negative 100. Just make sure you are the lowest when the game ends and you win! 

  • 4 Suits of 15 cards each; each suit contains 13 number cards, a ship photo card and a sailor photo card. 

  • Object of the game is to be the player with the lowest score. 

  • Capture Ships cards to deduct points. 

  • Capture all 4 Sailor cards for an extra scoring bonus.


Suggested Age: 7 Years and Up

Type of Game: Classic Games / Trick-Taking

Includes: Instructions

Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes

Number of Players: 2-6 Players

Package type: Card Deck

UPC: 860004171478 

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